lol APIs

Oct. 30th, 2014 08:47 pm
[personal profile] flowerhack
This is possibly a sign I'm a bit sleep-deprived at the moment (I did the waking-up-early-to-go-birdwatching thing this morning), but I found this bit from the Flickr API docs for their "photo search" function immensely charming:
[parameter:] accuracy (Optional)
Recorded accuracy level of the location information. Current range is 1-16 :
    World level is 1
    Country is ~3
    Region is ~6
    City is ~11
    Street is ~16
Does this mean Flickr, at its lowest accuracy level, can distinguish between "photo taken on the moon" and "photo taken on earth"? That is the "world" level, after all... :)

I've been super-quiet on the Hacker School blogging and I hope to resume that soon; I've been so busy hacking and learning that I keep forgetting to blog, oops. Suffice to say I've been doing some rad stuff: yesterday I implemented a bitflipping attack on CBC mode encryption, today I spun up a quick Flask app that lets you search Bing via text message, now I'm working on a birding quiz app I've been planning to work on "someday" since April (eep!), and in between all that I've been learning Rust and RUST IS DELIGHTFUL FUN. I'll blather all about it in a post, for sure!