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Crypto challenge update: I can now decrypt repeating-key XOR and detect ECB encryption, woohoo! Now that I'm done with the first "set" of challenges, though, I think I'll take a bit of a break—they're super fun, and I'll come back to them later, but I want to start pairing more and explore some other things, too.

Tonight there was a round of presentations from other Hacker Schoolers and goodness they were awesome. Highlights included: Allison poking around to see how the recursion limit is implemented in Python and discovering amusing details therein, Eunsong's Javascript-based molecular dynamics simulator, and Tanoy demonstrating both his live coding skills and his excellent taste in music by making a Jekyll blog and dropping it on Digital Ocean in less than the amount of time it takes to listen to one rap song.

To wind down this evening, I wanted to dust off my old Heroku account and deploy a Flask app there (I've been trying to move some things off my Linode, and this seemed like an easy one to handle), and ran into a bunch of annoyances with key management. The first key I tried to give Heroku was rejected because "that's already being used by another Heroku account," which suggests I've got yet another account on the internet I've forgotten about, oops. The second key I used authenticated fine, but I couldn't push to git—since my git is configured with a different key—so I had to edit a file in .ssh/config, but the change didn't seem to be helping, and eventually I figured out that I had both an id_rsa and an id_dsa key, and I was referencing the wrong one. Sigh, key management. Hopefully I won't forget about the existence of this Heroku account too, heh.