May. 19th, 2014

Today, I was talking to another developer who works with me on a certain OSS project, and they mentioned that they preferred setting up their development environment by hand, rather than using the Vagrant file the project provides. This surprised me, because I've been using Vagrant in various forms since last September, and it's been such a delightful experience that I think everyone should try it. (Or, if you're involved with an open source project that still expects developers to do all their installing and provisioning by hand—consider Vagrant! They may thank you for it.)

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The Solution )

Why not use Vagrant? )

It's not all ponies, of course. Whoever goes about writing the Vagrantfile needs to be thoughtful about it, and a few weird bugs can surface from time to time due to Vagrant magic. (Once I ran into a bizarre test failure that was ultimately caused by a unicode encoding issue that could only occur by running Ubuntu on an OSX host machine with NFS file sharing. I should do a writeup on that one sometime.) But on the whole, it makes the whole business of handling VMs much simpler and cleaner and hassle-free, so you can spend more time developing and less time mucking around in dependencyland.

You can check out Vagrant here!